Rockmelon and Strawberry Salad

You Must Try Make Rockmelon and Strawberry Salad


Do you like salad?? are you salad lovers?? if yes, you must see this menu, the menu is a mix of rock melon and strawberry fruit, of course, very fresh when we eat it.

Besides that, this salad very healthy and match if you make it for your children. This salad is also contain vitamin very good for us. So, are you want make it??

For make this salad, is not difficult, and the ingredients you can find at the nearest store or market. So, how to make rockmelon and strawberry salad? these it’s information 🙂

Rockmelon and Strawberry Salad Ingredients

  • 1/2 Rockmelon
  • 1 punnetStrawberries
  • 1 sprigMint

Rockmelon and Strawberry Salad Preparation

  • Ball the melon.
  • Hull the strawberries.
  • Wash the mint.
  • Pile into the empty rockmelon hull and server with icecream or creamy yoghurt

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