Chocolate Frosting- How to Make It ?? Chocolate, who doesn’t like the food this one. Chocolate is the food is very loved by many people, both children and parents. Chocolate is still a favorite food. Lots of food, especially cake made with chocolate-based, such as black forest, chocolate chips, and others. It means, Chocolate be […]

Let’s Try to Make Chicken Pasta Salad Are many kinds of salad, you can make a salad just from different kinds of vegetables are used as one or any of a wide variety of fruits. It all depends on your taste. Not only that, the salad can also be made of nuts or other ingredients, […]

Brownie Pizza – Let’s Make It Hmm,, Yummy, maybe that’s we can say when we hear the word Brownie,, this cake a very tasty indeed. Normally,brownie made of chocolate is very delicious, and also shape boxes. But, what about the pizza-shaped brownie? yes, we will discuss how to make brownie pizza shape. For Ingredients to […]

Tips For Make Honey Fruit Salad This salad is a fruit salad add honey. There are so many types of salad, one of them is this salad. Honey Fruit Salad made from a variety of fresh fruits. Besides delicious taste, this salad must contain the vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. For […]

How To Make Black Bean & Corn Salad?? Salad is a food consisting of vegetables and fruits, besides it tastes delicious, salad is also includes a healthy food. Of fruit and vegetables is good for our health, especially the skin. Not only consist of vegetables and fruits only, salad can is also be made from […]

Overnight Waffles – The Ingredients & The Process for Make It If you want to try to make Overnight Waffles, the way enough simple, and ingredients needed are also quite simple, So, the following information 🙂

How To Make Healthy Waffles?? In this modern era, finding a healthy food is very difficult, everything is completely instant. One solution to get healthy food is to make it yourself. By making own food, we are better able to maintain a healthy food, from ingredients, until the manufacturing process. So also with the waffles. […]