Healthy Waffles

How To Make Healthy Waffles??

healthy waffles

In this modern era, finding a healthy food is very difficult, everything is completely instant. One solution to get healthy food is to make it yourself.

By making own food, we are better able to maintain a healthy food, from ingredients, until the manufacturing process. So also with the waffles. Healthy waffles you can get if you create your own.

By making your own will be kept clean and healthy. So, how to make Healthy Waffles, the following information ūüôā

Ingredients For Making Healthy Waffles

  • 2 eggs; organic and free range
  • 2 cupsflour; organic whole wheat
  • ¬†1 3/4 cupsmilk; organic
  • ¬†1/2 cupcoconut oil; virgin
  • 4 teaspoonsbaking powder; aluminum-free
  • 1/4 teaspoonsalt; sea

Healthy Waffles Preparation

  • Beat eggs until fluffy, then add in the remaining ingredients, liquids first.
  • Bake each waffle in a hot waffle iron for about 5 minutes or until steaming stops. By this time you should easily be able to remove the waffle from the iron.
  • For topping suggestions, use 3/4 cups organic cream whipped with a splash of pure almond extract and sweetened with stevia. For added deliciousness, chop two apples and heat together with some cinnamon and organic maple syrup. (Just guess at amounts; it’s hard to mess this apple syrup up!)


High-fat, organic raw milk is best for your health, but if you don’t have access to it, use regular organic milk. Alternatively choose almond or rice milk for non-dairy options. Soy milk is NOT a healthy option, despite what you might initially read.

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